Do you fear man instead of God?

Are you over-committed:  Do you find that it is hard for you to say no.

Do you “need something from your spouse?  God is pleased when there is good communication and a mutual honor between spouses. But for many people, the desire for these things has roots in something that is far from God’s design for his image bearers.

Is self-esteem a critical concern for you?  If self esteem is a recurring theme for you, chances are that your life revolves around what other think.  You reverence or fear their opinions. . . You need them to fill you up.

Do you ever feel as if you might be exposed as an impostor? The sense of being exposed is an expression of the fear of man.

Are you always second-guessing decisions because of what other people might think?  Are you afraid fo mistakes that will make you look bad in other people’s eyes?

Do you feel empty or meaningless?  Do you experience “love Hunger”? Here again, if you need other to fill you , you are controlled by them.

Do you ever lie, especially the little white lies?  What about cover-ups where you are not technically lying with your mouth?  Lying and other forms of living in the dark are usually ways to maker ourselves look better before other people.  They also serve to cover our shame before them.

Are you jealous of other people?  You are controlled by them and their possessions.

Do other people often make you angry or depressed?  Are they making you crazy?  If so,  they are probably the controlling center of your life.

Do you avoid people?  If so, even though you might not say that you need people, you are still controlled by them.  Isn’t a hermit dominated by the fear of man?

This book can help you.  The study guide pages listed below can help direct your individual or small group study of this book and help you apply the Biblical truth that this time so desperately needs!