About Lakeshore

Get to know us

Believe. Grow. Serve. These three words tell you what we are all about. Our services and ministries are intended to help you walk this path as a child of God.

God calls all humanity to faith. This call does not ask us to trust in religion or works or the church to save us from our sins but in the person of Jesus Christ. Faith begins our walk with God and enables spiritual life.
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. “ Jn. 3:16

Spiritual life grows spiritual fruit. This growth requires us to participate with God and cooperate with His plan and direction. Living by grace and learning the fullness of Christ creates fulfilled fruitfulness.
“but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 2 Pet. 3:18

God invests in our salvation and growth so we can become servants. Spiritual life and blessing only begins with receiving. We stretch toward greatness when we spend our lives serving God and others.
“you serve the Lord Christ.” Col. 3:24 “through love serve one another.“ Gal. 5:13

Doctrinal Statement

We believe the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – are three-in-one. All completely God.

We believe lots of other stuff too. We will have highlights of our doctrinal statement on this page with a complete statement on another page. This page is for a quick overview of the church.

Our Services

Our services are designed to encourage the believer and magnify Christ. At every service, we read the word of God and preach Christ crucified and resurrected as the hope of the world. When we sing, the lights stay on and the instrumentation simply encourages us to sing truth to one another in grateful worship to the Lord.

Nursery and children’s ministries engage the children who are too small to participate in corporate worships. This way parents can focus on worship, and the children can learn age-appropriate truths to help them live in obedience.

Lakeshore Baptist Church History

Lakeshore Baptist Church held its first public services on Sept 18, 2011. It began under the leadership of Pastor Ray Anderson and the support of Bay City Baptist Church of Green Bay and the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches.

God placed a specific call upon Pastor Ray Anderson as he listened to Missionary Joseph Lemon, a former Kewaunee resident, explain how he never heard the Bible preached in his hometown. When He stated that he was praying for a Bible-preaching church to be planted in Kewaunee, God impressed that call on Ray. After a time of confirmation and preparation Lakeshore Baptist Church began and the Andersons settled in Kewaunee.

Lakeshore Baptist Church was started to magnify Christ by leading people to BELIEVE in Jesus as their Savior and Lord; to help them to GROW in grace and the knowledge of Christ; and to help believers SERVE God with their lives.